The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is the largest electrical union in the world. The IBEW represents workers' rights in all areas of the electrical industry. The National Electrical Contractors Association is the management association for electrical contractors.

NECA represents thousands of employers who guarantee their installations and perform quality work on time and on budget. To provide the highly skilled work force necessary to meet the customer needs and insure job satisfaction for the electrical workers, the IBEW and NECA sponsor the very best, unparalleled apprenticeship training programs.

Important Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information

With the spread of COVID-19, the IBEW Local 347 Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Plan’s (“Plan”) Board of Trustees is closely monitoring events related to COVID-19 and would like to provide this update regarding COVID-19, steps to minimize the spread of the virus, and related changes to your Plan’s schedule of benefits.

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The Board of Trustees has amended the Retirement and 401(k) Plan to allow distributions due to COVID-19. Please review the Summary of Material Modifications (SMM) which summarizes these changes.

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Please click here to download the application for distribution.

Please be advised that the attached form is a Principal standard form. Although the form lists the limit as $100,000, the Plan limit is $10,000 or, if your Individual Account balance is less than $10,000 on the date of distribution, the distribution does not exceed the lesser of $2,500 or your Individual Account balance (e.g. if your Individual Account balance is $100,000, you can receive $10,000; if your Individual Account balance is $5,000, you can receive $2,500; and if your Individual Account balance is $1,000, you can receive $1,000).


The IBEW Local 347 Electrical Workers Health and Welfare Fund (“Plan”) has hired Sav-Rx Prescription Services (“Sav-Rx”) to replace CastiaRx the Plan’s Pharmacy Benefit Manager effective January 1, 2020. Sav-Rx, a Union company, understands your pharmacy benefit needs. When you call their customer service, you will receive personalized, professional assistance from a fellow Union member. Your mail order pharmacy technicians will ensure your orders are handled with quality and care. Sav-Rx is proud to offer a complete line of pharmacy services for organized labor, by organized labor.

You should have received new ID cards from United Healthcare in December. If you did not receive your card or have any additional questions, please contact the Fund Office.

Welcome to the new IBEW 347 Benefits Web Site. We are excited to bring you new features on this web site.

You now have the ability to view recent claims as well as the explanation of benefits (E.O.B.) for these claims, as well as the ability to view your plan accumulators and your eligibility employment hours.

To access this site you will need to select Sign In from the Quick Items menu and follow the information given on the Sign In page to create a password for this site.

We welcome your input and comments and hope that this new site will be a useful tool in maintaining your personal benefit information and communications with the Administrative Offices.